Why Would You Pay More For Xfit Each Month Than a Financial Advisor?

A recurring theme keeps coming up in conversations with potential clients... the idea that they "don't have enough dough" to "deserve" a financial advisor because they don't have significant investable assets lying around. 

This notion, incidentally, is perpetuated by many advisors that won't talk to anyone with assets under $500,000!  Because apparently their time/overhead is worth more than $5,000/client/year?

I became a financial advisor because of my love of investing and finance and my passion for helping others reach a place where cash is not the primary variable in determining a family’s long term decisions. It is important to me that my services are affordable and accessible so that I can build trustworthy and lasting relationships with as many people who could benefit from my help. To do all these things I have put together a win-win solution for those who don't have a boatload of assets -- yet.

Introducing Chamberlain Financial Advisors' Monthly Subscription

I want to work with people in their 30's and 40's that have great potential, realize they want to meet long term goals, and need someone they trust to help shepherd them through. I am offering a monthly subscription option, that is less than your monthly Crossfit or Yoga membership -- and it's equally as important for your (financial) health!

We will develop a regular cadence for meetings, virtual or in person, around your schedule.  We will work on budgeting, investing, insurance (I’ve got a guy you can work with), saving for a house/boat/college expenses, annual company elections and anything else you may have on your mind.  And as we work together, we will build a lasting relationship of trust.

Financial Planning & Investment Retainer

$125/month + $997 Upfront Fee

For those saving for retirement and who want to stay ahead of the game. Chamberlain Financial Advisors will create and manage your plan, guide your through the implementation process, monitor your investments and advise you as life changes.

  • Full implementation

  • Ongoing guidance

  • Investment advice

  • No asset requirement

  • Virtual planning available

Can you afford to put off this decision any longer?  Do right by you and your family and start investing in your future. Schedule a call to discuss how, for less than your monthly cable bill, we can start building your wealth and reach financial freedom.

(**And Jenn and I love our fitness routines!! We love y’all @crossfitdecatur and @purebarredecatur.)