The Financial Mistake You Don't Realize You Are Making?

I was talking with a family friend, who’s retired, about how she was managing her affairs. She felt confident that all was well. She and her husband had recently updated their will. I nodded with approval, as its always a wise move to have your will reevaluated every so often. I’m curious (nosy) and try to be helpful, so I asked her more questions. After I asked about her stock/bond/cash allocations, we moved on to insurance. I asked about long term care, in case circumstances changed and they needed assisted living. She got real quiet and then all of a sudden blew up in frustration …

“I didn’t think to ask about that but WHY DIDN’T THE LAWYER??!! I’m calling him tomorrow!”

It’s a common revelation to people I meet with: On your own, you’ve engaged with several specialists but don’t have a financial advisor with a holistic view of your entire financial health to make sure everything is covered. Similar to a primary care physician who sees you on a regular basis and advises when to see a trusted specialist. Or a systems architect in software, who understands how the myriad components of a system interact.

You may have someone for stocks and bonds, a medicare guru, an estate lawyer, a real estate lawyer and an insurance agent … but do you have anybody that has the overall holistic view of your plan, tying everything together? Someone who’s family’s future, is directly tied to your family’s future success?

At Chamberlain Financial Advisors, we assess all aspects of your situation, providing solid advice throughout. We are fee-only, meaning we don’t get commissions to sell you products. Where we need experts, I facilitate the conversation. The ultimate goal is your overall financial health.

Do you have an advocate with a holistic view of your family’s financial situation? Are you DIY’ing it, but don’t really understand all aspects of the plan? Set up some time with Josh. Let’s get fully healthy.