Josh Chamberlain


Most financial advisorS…

won’t talk to you unless you have $5ook in assets. That’s not me. I want to help you grow your assets.


I’m the Principal and founder of Chamberlain Financial Advisors, located in the heart of Decatur, Georgia. I enjoy helping people define their goals, creating their personalized financial plans and then keeping them accountable so they can achieve their financial goals. 

My Approach

I provide financial advice and unbiased recommendations on which investment and insurance products would be best for you.  I don't sell insurance products and I don’t make commissions based on what you my clients purchase.

I believe that people receive the greatest value from a financial advisor through an ongoing relationship, built on trust and mutual respect. As a professional with a family of my own, I have been through many of the trials and tribulations that you will encounter at this stage of life. With my extensive professional and life experience, I am well positioned to help you and your family uncover your financial goals and create a plan to address your needs.

I spent years building a successful engineering and software career for Fortune 500 companies, but felt very dissatisfied with my over all contribution to the community. Meanwhile, always a financial planner at heart, I had successfully saved, invested and planned for my own family and friends. I finally "woke up” with the need to focus on my passion - helping other professional families reach financial freedom. 

I love to cook and I root for all GA teams. I earned an Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, an MBA from Georgia State, and have family who attended UGA. 


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