Josh Chamberlain


Most financial advisorS…

won’t talk to you unless you have $5ook in assets. That’s not me. I want to help you grow your assets.


I’m the Principal and founder of Chamberlain Financial Advisors, located in the heart of Decatur, Georgia. I enjoy helping people articulate their long and short term goals, and then creating their personalized financial plans and keeping them accountable so they can achieve their financial goals. 

My Approach

I provide financial advice and unbiased recommendations on which investment and insurance products would be best for you.  I don't sell insurance products and I don’t make commissions based on what you my clients purchase.

14 FAQs about my approach —and questions to ask any financial planner you are considering.

I believe that people receive the greatest value from a financial advisor through an ongoing relationship, built on trust and mutual respect. As a professional with a family of my own, I have been through many of the trials and tribulations that you will encounter at this stage of life. With my extensive professional and life experience, I am well positioned to help you and your family uncover your financial goals and create a plan to address your needs.

I spent years building a successful engineering and software career for Fortune 500 companies, but felt very dissatisfied with my over all contribution to the community. Meanwhile, always a financial planner at heart, I had successfully saved, invested and planned for my own family and friends. I finally "woke up” with the need to focus on my passion - helping other professional families reach financial freedom. 

I root for all GA teams. I earned an Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, an MBA from Georgia State, and have family who attended UGA. 

The next step

If you’re ready to take the next step toward financial independence, I’m here to help. Working together we will develop a personalized financial plan based on your unique needs.