Equifax is Paying for their Data Breach, Collect Your $125.

After a terrible data breach, Equifax has been fined $575MM by the Federal Trade Commission. The breach affected 148 million Americans, who had their SSN and addresses stolen. It was a situation that was easily preventable, had Equifax been taking some moderate precautions (or listened to the advice they were given months before the breach). And it led to the departure of several of the companies execs, including Richard Smith, the CEO.

As part of the settlement, it was agreed that Equifax would repay you $125 for the breach. Or you can select to get 4 years of protection against future problems, with credit reporting. In all likelihood, you have this protection built into your current banking. So take the money and run.

Its super simple, and takes less than 1 minute to complete the process:

So go collect your cash. And spread the word!! The more people who collect, the more expensive it is for the company, and the less likely this is to happen in the future.