Tata and Josh's Surprising Connection

Tata Built a winning team

In Atlanta, the big sports phenomenon is the Atlanta United soccer team, an expansion team in the MLS. The team is headlined by an internationally renowned head coach “Tata” Martino, who built the team from the ground up, using young, and generally untested players. Led by the dynamic duo: striker Josef Martinez and midfielder Miguel Almiron. The team beat NY Red Bulls (NYRBs) last week to proceed into the championship match this Saturday against the Portland Timbers.

Tata Always has a strategic plan

A friend of mine described the playoff game as “pretty ugly”. Given that the United had won the first of 2 legs 3 - 0, the onus was on the NYRBs to come out and score more than 3 goals. With that in mind, Tata, created a game plan around strong defense, with counter striking possibilities to Martinez and Almiron. This meant, in all likelihood that the NYRBs would possess the ball, have more passes and attempt more shots. While the United would abide the onslaught and use meager chances to create tremendous upside, sending individuals on runs to the goal, essentially unassisted. During much of the game, it did look, “ugly”. However, the plan unfolded exactly as Tata foresaw. This “ugly” plan yielded the opportunity for Atlanta United to proceed to the next round of the playoffs.

For each game— and the season— Tata had a strategic plan, created around his players strengths, working towards “goals”. It allowed individual players the freedom of play and expression, but directs them towards the “win”. Rather than the players descending into ball hogging, fruitless passes and being frustrated by playing hard but not bringing home a win.

Here is an interesting article on entropy, and reminds me that a system left unfettered, will descend into chaos.

How’s your financial plan and track record?

Like Tata, I enjoy working with professionals and families that are at the beginning stages of their financial game but have potential and the commitment to follow a smart plan. Do you want a strategic plan tailored to meet your short and long term goals? Do you want a coach that will keep you accountable so you reach those goals? If so, I want to help you plan and grow your wealth so you can live better.

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