Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving is almost here! It’s my favorite holiday and features all my favorite things: Cooking, family, relaxing, wine, blazing fires, card games, pies, football and kids running and playing! No gift giving expectations, the weather allows plenty of outside time, and it’s a time to recognize the meaning that your friends and family bring to your life. Thanksgiving! I love every minute of it.

A big added bonus, for me, is that our family tradition is to host. My family comes in from Lake Ocononee and Rome, GA. My in-laws come in from Florida and Connecticut. And I savor the 3 or 4 days of the year that we are all together.

Did I mention that I love to cook and I’m head chef for ~20 people during our Thanksgiving visit? Yes, I cook 3-4 days for 20 people and I still have time to enjoy and savor the time with my family. What’s my secret? Planning. Yes, It’s all about creating a plan that fits our family’s needs, then following through with some hard work, while enjoying the process.

Josh Chamberlain’s Thanksgiving Plan


  • Finalize the menu for the week

  • Grocery shop at the YDFM

  • Buy beer, wine and bourbon


  • Audrey (my mother-in-law and sous chef) and I check for missing ingredients

  • Make another run to the farmers market

  • Start the pie dough

  • Drink wine and relax


  • Brine turkey

  • Make pies

  • Cook black eyed peas

  • Drink wine



  • Bake mac & cheese

  • Cook greens

  • Bake potatoes

  • Roast brussel sprouts

  • Audrey and I each make a soup for our yearly “Soup Off” (she normally wins)

  • Attend neighbors pre-Thanksgiving party


  • Fry turkey

  • Prime rib

  • Roast Carrots

  • Bake rolls

  • Make the gravy

  • Make Salad

  • Savor the feast

  • Watch football

  • Drink wine

The kids love to help make whipped cream.

The kids love to help make whipped cream.


  • Enjoy Leftovers

  • Family hike

  • Family pictures with Cathy Davis


The weekend is only just beginning!!

It’s a plan with lots of room for a wonderful week with family and friends.

*Does anyone see the parallels to financial planning? If you want to talk turkey, contact me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!