Hi, I’m Josh.

I founded my own independent financial advisory firm in Decatur, to help professionals and families, just like mine, enjoy today while intelligently planning for tomorrow.

According to the WSJ, only 2% of financial planning firms are truly independent, working as fiduciaries for their clients, under a purely fee-only compensation model (i.e., no commissions). We are among the 2%.

The other 98% of financial planners typically require new clients to have a minimum of $250,000 in assets. They make commissions off of selling products (like mutual funds or insurance). That’s not me. My goal is to provide the best advice possible, in order for your family to grow towards your goals.

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What makes Chamberlain Financial Advisors different from other firms


it’s personal

When you call, I know you and your goals. You are not a number and we are on a first name basis.


No annual meetings

That’s not enough. To be a true partner to you, we need to meet at least quarterly.



You don’t need $250,000 to become a client. I want to help you grow your wealth.

fiduciary & Fee only

I don’t get paid commissions based on the products you invest in.


We meet you where you are most comfortable - over coffee, in the office, at your home or virtually.

I have been through many of the trials and tribulations that you will encounter in life, which better positions me to create your plan.

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