Give Your College Graduate The Gift Of Financial Smarts


Graduate’s Personal Finance Toolkit

A private 2 hour sit down with a financial advisor to provide expert guidance and financial education at this key life moment and set them up for long-term success. Cost $247


Graduate’s personal finance Toolkit

Set your graduate (GT, UGA, Kennesaw State, GSU) up for financial certainty.  Provide them with a 2 hour sit down with an financial advisor. We will discuss personal finance foundations specific to their situation. Can you afford to let them skip this one final class? Below are some of the topics we will tackle:

  • How do you negotiate a proper salary?

  • How much apartment can you afford?

  • How do you pay all of the bills and monthly spending?

  • How to pay off your student loans?

  • How to avoid credit card pitfalls

  • When to start saving? How much should you be putting away for the future?

  • What’s a 401k? How much to invest? What’s matching?


My name is Josh Chamberlain. 

When I graduated from GA Tech, I was lucky to receive good early counsel that set me up for success.  I look forward to doing the same for your graduate. I am a fiduciary, fee only financial advisor.  I don’t sell products or receive commissions. I provide straight up, sound financial advice.

There is no better time to develop a strong foundation, in financial decisions, for the future.

Fee $247. Available for a limited time May-Aug 2019. Contact Josh

Gift the graduate’s Financial Toolkit and

set your graduate up for a lifetime of success.

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