I love to eat and I love to drink.

There is something incredibly primal and special about feeding your family and friends.

When I am not thinking about finances, I am very likely thinking about food. Like finance, I have short and long term goals: Short term: I want my meals to be flavorful and healthy, so that they will be enjoyed. Long term: I hope is that the work I put into the food today, will lead to longer term benefits for my family … confidence, health, strength, adventure and mental acuity.

Also, like finance, I find that many people don’t spend much time thinking about their food. Where does it come from? What did it eat? How did it grow? Was it processed? How was it prepared? Who prepared it? Why is it crunchy? Were things added to it? How did it arrive at my table?

It is my goal to shed a little bit of light on these two topics, that affect every family both in the near term, as well in their long term.


Josh’s Weeknight Dinner Recipes

My Italian wings recipe is an easy and delicious dinner recipe that the whole family will enjoy -for only a few dollars.

Roasted Golden Beets are a family favorite.


I care about the food that comes through my kitchen. I buy the highest quality available. I am convinced that better food, leads to better outcomes, once it is eaten. And to get my family to eat my food, it had better be well prepared. I like to think of this as cooking with “love”. The outward manifestation (taste/color/quantity/texture) of the food I serve, is cloaked in the care and love that I embed in everything I cook.

Kitchen Supplies

I also surround myself in the kitchen with tools that please me. I am a believer in there being a great deal of beauty in function and form. I have tested a fair number of kitchen tools/appliances/gimmicks. Those that work, I keep. Those that do not, I jettison quickly. It is pretty amazing that you don’t need much to create a wonderful meal, with a few quality tools and a lot of love.