Food and Finance

When I am not thinking about finances, I am very likely thinking about food. Like finance, I have short and long term goals: Short term: I want my meals to be flavorful and healthy, so that they will be enjoyed. Long term: I hope is that the work I put into the food today, will lead to longer term benefits for my family … confidence, health, strength, adventure and mental acuity.

It is my goal to shed a little bit of light on these two topics, that affect every family both in the near term, as well in their long term.


Josh’s Weeknight Dinner Recipes


I care about the food that comes through my kitchen. I buy the highest quality available. I am convinced that better food, leads to better outcomes, once it is eaten. And to get my family to eat my food, it had better be well prepared. I like to think of this as cooking with “love”. The outward manifestation (taste/color/quantity/texture) of the food I serve, is cloaked in the care and love that I embed in everything I cook.

Kitchen Supplies

I also surround myself in the kitchen with tools that please me. I am a believer in there being a great deal of beauty in function and form. I have tested a fair number of kitchen tools/appliances/gimmicks. Those that work, I keep. Those that do not, I jettison quickly. It is pretty amazing that you don’t need much to create a wonderful meal, with a few quality tools and a lot of love.