Free Financial Course

Budgeting 101

For People Who Hate Budgeting


Hi, I’m Josh.
do you like budgeting?

Me?...When I'm not helping people solve their financial challenges, I love spending my time solving the world's problems around a fire, cooking dinners for my friends and family, and napping. Note: budgeting is not on the list. 

BUT, budgeting is KEY to achieving our financial goals. That's why I put together a Free Guide: Budgeting 101- For People Who Hate Budgeting. It’s the most efficient and painless, step-by-step budgeting process, with tools and advice, that takes out all the guesswork. And, most importantly, it works! 

This course is for if:

  • You tried budgeting before and gave up, because it was unrealistic, too time consuming or took all of the fun out of your life. 

  • You're too scared to try budgeting because you've heard about the horrors from those who have.

  • You're thinking about budgeting and want a plan that works.

  • Your'e combining incomes with a partner. 

  • You had a life change and need to start getting your arms around spending and goals.


So grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath and let’s do this!

Step 1: do you need a budget 1

Is your future worth five minutes of your time? The first step is the easiest and that’s all it takes to get started — five minutes. I cover whether a budget makes sense for you, the benefits of a budget and common reasons people don’t budget. If you — or your partner — are unsure about whether you should be on a budget, take the assessment and find out if this course is for you.


step 2: How to get started budgeting

This is where the rubber meets the road. The sooner you can get started, and make progress, the more likely you are to stick to it and succeed. So, let’s do this! And it’s a different approach from what you’ve heard before about budgeting because it’s designed to be the most efficient for people that don’t like budgeting and spending their free time on spreadsheets.


step 3: the squeeze

Are you feeling Step 2? If so you are ready for “The Squeeze.” This is where you learn the most efficient way to monitor, analyze and squeeze your spending so you grow your wealth. And unlike the other programs out there, this is gradual and realistic so you can be successful.